If you decided to work from home to be more available for your family only to find that you’re more busy than ever with even less time for yourself – you’re normal!

This is a common phenomenon among mums who choose to be the flexible one for our families.

Without the structure of a workplace, it can feel like you have all the time in the world to get things done – so you end up cleaning the house when you’re meant to be working and working at night when you’re meant to be resting!

It IS possible to create a work-life flow that supports you!

With a little unlearning, some routine tweaks and a few strategies, you can be working more effectively than you ever did in 40 hours a week with plenty of energy left over for the other sides of life too.

I’ve worked from home for 8 years now so I’ve developed a few tricks and techniques to hack myself, work efficiently and focus on the right things at the right time.

I’ve stopped trying to find the perfect work-life balance – let me tell you something, it doesn’t exist and there’s a much better approach anyway!

No more trading dollars for hours, no more trying to find ‘balance’.

In the Slow Guide to working from home, I’ll share with you what I’m doing now to:

🍎 Create boundaries between work and life, even when your workspace is the kitchen table.
🍎 Meet deadlines with the kids at home, without relying on 10 hours of TV a day.
🍎 Shift your mindset to stop procrasti-cleaning
🍎 Designing your own flexible work routine. Routines = Freedom!
🍎 BONUS: A sleep hypnosis track especially for those nights when you work late on screens.
   Created for us by Sarah Potter, hypnocoach. (valued at $179, worth it!)


 You’ll get instant access to a resources page with a video workshop, workbook and hypnosis track.


$22 AUD

Burn Out Coach for busy mamas - How to Live Slow with Rachelle Glendon

Hi, I’m Rachelle!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m a slow living advocate for mothers who want to find more balance and less overwhelm in daily life.

It’s always us mums who bend and flex for our families needs – whether it’s changing our work schedule to suit the family’s needs, choosing to ‘stay home’ full time, running around after everyone or carrying the mental load of keeping everything running.

So I’ve made it my business to support mums just like you to design a life that supports you to be the mum you desire to be and start living slower in the process!

It’s SO nice to connect! By the way, rest looks good on you 🙂



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