Work with Rachelle

Have you ever dreamed about what life would be like when you slow down? Because…

  • You can’t seem to get ahead
  • You’re overwhelmed by everything you have to do
  • You get major FOMO and can’t say no
  • You’re just tired from the mental load of family life

You’re not alone. 

Everyone needs a little support sometimes.
And I am here to help.

1. One on one coaching

If you’d love one on one support from me, book in for a complimentary discovery call using this contact form.


Let’s discover together how to slow down your busy life and get clear on the essentials to create an intentional, fulfilled life.

2. The Slow Life program – find out more

Join me and other like minded women as I guide you through a 6-week coaching program to create a slow, intentional and simpler life. You’ll finish the program transformed and knowing you’re capable of tending to the many areas of your life – family, work, social and creative pursuits. 


video lessons released weekly


weekly live calls and replays


community access


playbook to guide you


lifetime access

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Happy people I’ve helped

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Rachelle for more than six months now. The passion Rachelle has for helping mothers discover ways to slow down and find work-life balance shines through in everything she does. Rachelle is professional, warm, calming and easy to listen to. Her teachings and practical strategies have empowered me to make positive changes in my own life, helping me to live a slower, more harmonious life, amidst what can sometimes be quite a chaotic time."

Simone Pavils

"Listening to Rachelle’s lessons of her own ways of living a slow living life, has helped me immensely to deal with my roller coaster of stress and chaos.  

I’ve always wanted to find a way to live more intentionally, specially with my kids and husband. 

Thanks for putting your message out. So grateful to have found on my path to slow living."

Ale Wiecek

Founder, Sqrone

"Oh Rachelle! ? Binged your podcast last night and oh my goodness. You’ve truly outdone yourself!! Amazing work!! Everything was so relatable and I kept finding myself saying yes to a lot of things you were saying!!! ???? Podcast is a perfect platform for your content. You should be so proud of yourself!! Can’t wait to hear what is to come and embark on a journey to intentionally applying slow living practices to my life!"

Kirsten Witney

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