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For the moment, let’s talk shopping, you know the kind of shopping which results in you wasting time and buying more than you ever intended to! We “pop” to the shops because we think we need something, but the truth is more often than not we’re bored, lonely, avoiding some emotion or something we don’t want to deal with, or procrastinating. Some people would call it retail therapy, I’m calling it part of a habit cycle! We spend an hour looking around, wasting time and money simply as a way to not deal with the things that we really need to deal with.

The Habit Loop

It’s important to note that there are three parts to the habit cycle, which include a trigger, a routine, and a reward. The cycle begins when we become triggered by an emotion we are feeling, and our go-to activity to make us feel better is retail therapy. Shopping then becomes the routine, we browse and we buy something that we do or don’t need. The reward is that feeling of novelty, that rush that we get when we’ve bought something new and experience it for the first time. In his book “The Power of Habit”, Charles Duhigg talks about the three-part habit loop and the best way to change a habit. He states that without changing the trigger, but changing the routine and keeping the reward, we should be able to stop the unhealthy relationship we have with shopping. And let’s be honest the fact is we live in an environment, or in a world where shopping is unavoidable, so it’s important to get on top of this habit, particularly if we want to live a more intentionally slower life.

30 plus things you can do instead of shopping

33 Things to do Instead of Shopping – But Still get the Same Reward!

Now with shopping, the reward is that rush of novelty or fulfilment, but it doesn’t last very long. So let’s talk about some of the things that will give you a similar rush, that doesn’t involve spending money, buying things you don’t need, or adding to the clutter that you’ve worked so hard to reduce in your home. You can experience that kind rush by doing something new, experiencing something new or learning something new. Here are 33 ideas that you could try:

  1. Go for a walk in a new location
  2. Hike somewhere you’ve never been before
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Sell things on Gumtree
  5. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  6. Play a board game
  7. Go to the library
  8. Tidy your closet and find some clothes at the back that you haven’t worn in a while and put them at the front
  9. Make or create something such as a painting or something out of clay
  10. Try a new recipe
  11. Rearrange your furniture
  12. Eat a picnic dinner in a new location
  13. Tidy and clean the car
  14. Take a nap
  15. Babysit your friend’s kids
  16. Listen to a podcast
  17. Meditate
  18. Read a book
  19. Learn a language
  20. Tidy up the apps on your phone
  21. Go through your photos
  22. Start a blog, or a YouTube channel, hint hint.
  23. Leave groups on Facebook that you no longer participate in
  24. Unsubscribe from emails that you don’t read anymore
  25. Plan and research a holiday
  26. Plan a do-nothing day
  27. Go to the beach
  28. Go to the forest
  29. Go for a drive
  30. Take a walk
  31. Go to a new location
  32. Go to a free event in your city
  33. Explore different parts of your city.

So next time you have a trigger and get the urge to “pop” to the shops, change the routine, and instead choose one of the things listed above, and still get the same reward.

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