I’m so glad you’re here, your guide on How to Live Slow is on the way to your inbox now. But while you wait let me ask you a quick question…

Do you ever hear yourself saying  ‘I wish I had more quality time with my kids instead of being so busy’?   

If that’s a YES then you’re going to love turning Your Daily Routines Into Family Rituals!

 Routines To Rituals

Instead of feeling resentful towards the morning rush or dreading the never-ending bedtime routine, let me show you how to make these the most  beautiful parts of your day, by turning your routines into rituals.

Just 5 simple steps to take you from time poor to Zen Mum…

Step 1. The Benefits Of Rituals

Step 2. The Key Elements Of A Ritual

Step 3. Transforming Your Day to Day

Step 4. Conversation Prompts For Your Family Rituals

Step 5. Where You Might Get Stuck And What To Do About It

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