Are you ready to live life a little slower?

I don’t mean pandemic lock-down slow. I mean, intentionally slow.

Slow living centres connection, self-care and rest. It gives you a framework to disconnect from the fast pace of the modern world. 

The kind where your nervous system has powered down, you feel calm and have a strong sense of who you are.

The kind of slow where you’re good at recognising your own patterns.

You can respond rather than reacting to your kids – even better, you feel really connected to them so shouting is a thing of the past.

You can take care of yourself without feeling guilty.

Time is your most precious resource. Now’s your chance to make it count.

I’ve created a four seasons approach to slow living for gentle mamas. Starting With Slow is like the first season of that cycle.

Natures first season is Winter. It’s where you learn to rest. You get clear on your priorities. You learn to say no effectively and hold loving boundaries.


slow living fundamentals, mindset and habits

Deep dives on: Priorities, Boundaries, Saying No and Sharing The Mental Load


You’ll get instant access to a resources page with videos, audio, journalling prompts and worksheets.


$45 AUD

Burn Out Coach for busy mamas - How to Live Slow with Rachelle Glendon

Hi, I’m Rachelle!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m a slow living advocate for mothers who want to find more balance and less overwhelm in daily life.

It’s always us mums who bend and flex for our families needs – whether it’s changing our work schedule to suit the family’s needs, choosing to ‘stay home’ full time, running around after everyone or carrying the mental load of keeping everything running.

So I’ve made it my business to support mums just like you to design a life that supports you to be the mum you desire to be and start living slower in the process!

It’s SO nice to connect! By the way, doing less looks good on you 🙂



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