Women are socially conditioned to self-silencing, denying our needs for the benefit of others. When we become mothers, this can become very problematic, as Allison Hillery has learned all too well.

Allison has supported children and families with evidence based programs in particularly around emotional regulation, so she has seen first hand the effects on families when mums self-silence. In her own motherhood experience, the issues of self-silencing manifested as postnatal depression.

She joins me today to share some tools on recognising, honouring and moving through our self-silencing.

In this episode

  • How to move through self-silencing without feeling guilt, shame or blame
  • Disrupting the cycle of self silencing
  • Supporting mums first to support our children
  • What is self-silence and how it relates to mums

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Instagram:  @_allison.kate

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