Does it feel like the world is always Go Go Go and you just can’t, or don’t want to, keep up?

Do you sometimes feel guilty for that? Or that maybe there’s something wrong with you? Like you’re just not cut out for the 100% on-all-the-time energy?


If so, I have a gorgeous invitation for you!

Join me this Winter to try out a new way of living and working, just for a season.


I think you’ll love it so much.


Women are biologically different to men which means trying to keep up in a world created for men just leaves us prone to overworking, overgiving and burnout.

My seasonal approach to slow living that honours your own inner seasons too. Because you CAN work at 100% energy sometimes, especially when you rest well and learn to go with your own flow!

This system is sustainable because it’s scaffolded with self care, self acceptance and an honouring of your needs.

Imagine how this flip into putting yourself first would support you to have the energy for the people and pursuits that matter to you most.


This system is perfect for you if you’re a woman who:

🌱 has young kids and you struggle to balance getting quality rest with getting everything done

🌱 finds it hard to balance work with family life, let alone have a social life or exercise

🌱 feels over stimulated or think of yourself as highly sensitive

🌱 wish to create a slower life to actually enjoy it and not always be tied to your phone and to-do list

🌱 is done with the current system that values you based on how much you earn

🌱 some mix of, or all of, the above



I created my Four Seasons Of Slow methodology years ago, before I realised the deep creative magic of the seasons.

Before I understood that our menstrual cycle has 4 unique ‘inner seasons’ that mirror the ‘outer’ seasons.

Before I really understood that these 4 phases are mirrored in all sorts of cycles – even without our realising.

I just knew that to live slower, we need to step off the never ending escalator…up up up and away from ourselves.


The Seasonal approach keeps going around and around, so you’ll always come back to yourself, cycling ever more slowly into the years rather than wishing them away.


Imagine that!


Imagine planning for life in this way.

Imagine the trust in yourself and your own inner seasons.

Imagine the connection to nature and the reduction in resource depletion and destruction.



A totally different set of social goals would emerge. 

And indeed for many they already have. 

I know you sense the changes in our world.


We’re in a unique opportunity to build something new. Something outside of patriarchy, capitalism and growth for growths sake. I’m here for turning the tide and rebuilding a world I can be proud to pass on to my great grandchildren. I’m here to bring together the women who want to bravely step into a life that’s different to the hustle culture of our time.


Seasons of Slow is my offering to you, busy woman in the modern world. Let’s work together. 


Join me and for three deliciously slow and gentle months


🐢 Seasonal themes to gently guide you through a journey to slowing down

🦀 monthly seasonal alignment that takes into account your seasons and goals

🐌 meet for a fortnightly coaching circle

🦥 A beautiful weekly email with a slow living toolkit


Our theme is Winter: Rest, Reflection and Refining 


We begin our journey together with our first seasonal alignment session on Sunday 26th June (730pm AEST).


Become a founding member of Seasons Of Slow for $180 AUD

Slow living is my thing. Let me help you make it yours too, even if just for a season.