Do you ever hear yourself saying  ‘I wish I had more quality time with my kids’? 

While simultaneously wondering how that would be possible?

If that’s a YES then you’re going to love turning your daily routines into family rituals. It’s the way we do the little things with our kids that become cherished childhood memories.


I’m sure you’ve got stories from your own childhood about

 🍦 the way grandma always used to sneak you ice creams
 ⚽️ the funny goodbye your dad said every day
 🎶 the songs mum sang to you in the bath


Those are examples of turning routines into rituals and you can do it for your kids too!


Instead of feeling resentful towards the morning rush or dreading the never-ending bedtime routine, let me show you how to make these the most beautiful parts of your day. The double win is that not only will you create more harmony at home, you’ll feel like you’re getting this mum thing right in the small but important ways.

I share my practical + personal strategies for transforming my daily routines into something so much more enjoyable. You’ll be surprised by how easy this can be for you to try.


This is about creating cherished childhood memories.


Video 1. The Benefits Of Rituals
Video 2. The Key Elements Of A Ritual
Video 3. Turn Your Routines Into Rituals
Video 4. Conversation Prompts For Your Family Rituals
Video 5. Where You Might Get Stuck And What To Do About It
BONUS DOWNLOAD: Creating Your Family Philosophy


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Burn Out Coach for busy mamas - How to Live Slow with Rachelle Glendon

Hi, I’m Rachelle!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m a slow living advocate for mothers who want to find more balance and less overwhelm in daily life.

It’s always us mums who bend and flex for our families needs – whether it’s changing our work schedule to suit our family’s needs, choosing to ‘stay home’ full time, running around after everyone or carrying the mental load of keeping everything running.

So I’ve made it my business to support mums just like you to design a life that supports you to be the mum you desire to be and start living slower in the process!

It’s SO nice to connect! 🙂



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