seasonal philosophy

I’ve been playing with seasonal living for the last year or so and I’ve learned that it’s so much more than flowers in spring, hot weather in summer, leaves falling off trees in Autumn and knitwear in winter!

Those are beautiful things to notice and I appreciate them more as I get older, but the seasonal approach runs deeper.

We really need a framework for living our lives, something that gives us context, structure and a moral code. What better way to do that than one that is at its core, a methodology that allows for self compassion and nurturance. 

One that allows us to parent gently, find internal motivation and fulfilment, connection to nature and each other and not be hurried by the external pressures of modern life.

A framework that allows us to consume less and be more present. Because we have to ask ourselves that if we are feeling like our attention is scattered and we cant figure out what IS important, who or what system is benefiting from us being this way and who or what system is being negatively impacted from it?

A slow, simple seasonal life is one that might not look all that flashy on the outside but from the inside, you’ll feel like you finally found a place to call home.

In this episode:

  1. My seasonal philosophy
  2. Things that will change throughout the seasons
  3. Entry points to becoming more seasonally aware and attuned

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