Im a firm believer that mums with kids under 5 are off the hook for pretty much everything.

It’s a special time that I lovingly call the motherhood apprenticeship. You’re sleep deprived, giving more than you’ve really got to give, figuring out a whole new life – you need all the support to make it through those early years.

Often that support seems hard to come by, or you’re still learning to ask for it. 

That’s where minimalism and slow living come into their own in supporting mums through the early years. These lifestyle choices help you to reduce the mental load and focus on the essentials

The old version of minimalism was like a test to see how little you could go without or strategies about having the right number of items. Happily, minimalism is so much more than that!

My minimalist morning routine supports me by taking away decision fatigue. I know what definitely needs to happen and anything else is a bonus, or can be left out altogether.


So how do you do a minimalist morning routine?

A good morning routine starts the night before.


I commit to going to bed at a time that allows me the most essential self care of getting as much sleep as possible. That way I know I’ve done what I can to wake up feeling refreshed while also leaving myself enough time to get things done in the morning. 


Sidenote: If you struggle with getting to bed on time, there might be a reason for it! I’ve put together a guide to Time Abundant Mornings that goes deeper into why mums constantly stay up late.


The next step is to figure out exactly what needs to happen to make your mornings successful. 

This is mine.

  1. I need time to wake up properly 
  2. Choose a word for the day 
  3. Shower and get dressed 
  4. Breakfast for me, the kids, the dog 
  5. Make lunches 
  6. Connection and play time with the kids, while helping them get ready 


This is a lot different to our mornings before the kids had started school, and it was different again when they were babies. That’s the beauty of my strategy. It can change with you.

What about exercise, meditation, journaling or mindfulness? 

The goal here is to create a minimalist morning routine that feels like a win at the start of your day. Let’s face it, exercise, meditation or anything like that is the first to go on crappy mornings.

When I had my babies, I quickly realised it can feel hard enough finding the space to have a shower in the morning let alone a lengthy self care routine. I don’t think us mums need that extra pressure! Those things can happen later in the day if needed or added in when things do go right.

Sending you love on your journey to creating time abundant mornings.


Want to create your own minimalist routine so you can enjoy time abundant mornings with your kids?

I’ve created The Slow Guide To Time Abundant Mornings to support mums to create a life they feel supported by. The morning hustle is cancelled! 


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