Self Care


Why do we wait to hit breaking point, before we choose to change!?

There are those times we discover a healing modality that has such a profound impact on changing the quality of our life that we can’t help but share it with everyone we know. That’s what happened with my guest today, Gemma Mercer from Mummy Me Time.

Gemma discovered reflexology at a time when she needed a serious overhaul on the way she took care of herself. Relaxing wasn’t a thing she knew how to do – most of us don’t right? Enter reflexology, and life changed in many ways for her.

At Mummy Me Time, Gemma encourages mums to normalise self care. That’s what we discuss today.

In this episode:

  • What is reflexology – and how does it relate to self care?
  • What is self care as Gemma sees it? 
  • Why mums look after ourselves when TTC or pregnant but once the baby comes it all stops?
  • How do we encourage mothers to seek healing and rest, once babies comes along

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Facebook: @MummyMeTimeCommunity

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