Slow Living Is Not A Comfort Zone

The podcast is back! It’s finally time to return from our 4 month travel experience and get back into our daily routines and rhythms. It’s so great to be recording episodes again too.

This weeks episode is a chat and reflection of our trip and how we have each changed and grown from our time on the road. I took a full step away from everything How To Live Slow related as I decided that the trip was worth going ‘all in’ on. It’s great to spend some time reflecting on the trip as a whole.

One of the big themes that emerged for me is that choosing to live more slowly, is not really staying in your comfort zone. Slow living involves a lot of comfort zone and boundary pushing, it’s a rebellious act!

Yes, slow living is slow weekend mornings, meditation and sitting by the fire, if you want it to be. I believe it is those things and so much more. The big idea is that as you choose an alternative lifestyle, it’s important to concurrently create a safety zone where you allow yourself to softly land into rest and care. That’s what I mean by rebellious – it’s uncomfortable to rest and go slow in our culture.

I truly believe that slow living is what helps us create community and expand our capacity for generosity.

In this episode:

  • My thoughts on comfort zones
  • Our experience at Milan train station
  • Choosing an alternative lifestyle
  • My coaching diary is open for booking!

An exciting announcement! 

My client roster is now open for bookings!

As you probably know, my focus is on motherhood, slow living and self-leadership. The overarching theme of which, ironically, is change and transitions

Life is full of defining moments. Turning 30, having a baby, turning 40, sending them off to school, going back to work, perimenopause, divorce. Sometimes you need support to find grace in those times. I have lots of tools and strategies to help you find slowness in the chaos of mid-life. 

Want to work 1:1 with me? You can book directly here.

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Take care,

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