Mental Load

Have you ever wondered why you can’t share the mental load equally with your partner, or if you do, why you feel so guilty about it? Or why is it that your kids seem to be so spoilt, like they don’t appreciate what they have? What about your routine that you just can’t seem to get right?

All that and more in this doozy of an episode. It’s the mind blowing slow living lessons I’ve learned (or re-learned) over the last few months that come out of conversations I’ve had on repeat with my clients – and my own personal experiences with these exact things!

Each of these points would ordinarily become their own episode but as my parting gift to you as I take a 4 month sabbatical to travel with my kids, I thought I would put them all into one for your pondering pleasure.

Please do get in touch with me if any or all of this episode resonates with you. I’d love to know if you recognise some of these things playing out in your own life?

In this episode:

  • A book that inspired me to travel with my kids
  • The parts of the mental load that you can’t share
  • Why the myth of balance is a myth
  • Your healing can’t be ‘for the kids’
  • Why you might be creating the result you’re trying to avoid
  • Slow living is closer than you think
  • Expanding your sense of deservingness

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Rachelle x