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It’s no secret that I love Scandinavian culture. But theres always more to learn! My guest today is Susanna from The Nordic Mum and we start our conversation with a lesson on what the difference between Scandinavian and Nordic is.

The Nordic way of life is inherently slower. The appreciation of the outdoors, getting cosy, finding time for quiet and solitude, the true balance between work and life.

Surprisingly, the political side of life – equality, accessibility, economics, sustainability, leadership and government policy – really comes into view as being a big part of how the lifestyle is generally slower.

Susanna’s book takes us on a cultural and historical journey through the Nordic way of life, the country and language groups, the social structures and so much more. It’s a feast! So of course I was in absolute heaven discussing all manner of things Nordic Lifestyle!

In this episode

  • Susannas experience of writing a book and the importance of libraries!
  • Nordic Lifestyle – the similarities and differences to Western culture
  • The political nature of slow living!
  • The keys to the slow life in the Nordics

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Website: @thenordicmum
Instagram: @thenordicmum
Podcast: Episode #56 of How to Live Slow – Nordic Perspectives of Slow Living


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Nordic Lifestyle

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