Nicole Mathieson

Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, and feeling like you don’t measure up? This is the Beauty Load in action, and here’s the thing:
it’s not personal, in fact it is inevitable in this world obsessed with beauty.

My guest today is the first to return to the podcast for another chat and it’s all because of the launch of her amazing new book The Beauty Load.

In the Beauty Load, counsellor Nicole Mathieson exposes the damaging and unrealistic beauty pressures society places on women, and shares how to lighten the load for good through awareness, self-compassion and a realignment with your deepest values.

I love hearing from authors like Nicole about their books. It’s always so illuminating hearing their stories about how their books came to be, the depth of their commitment and desire to help others.

The beauty load is just another way we pile emotional loads onto women. Let’s learn how to put it down…

In this episode

  • What is the Beauty Load
  • Beauty around the world – it’s cultural!
  • How the beauty load depletes us of our time, energy, money and power
  • How dropping the beauty load liberates us and enhances our relationships
  • Creating a new subculture that supports women
  • Daily Compassion Declaration

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Website: @nicolemathieson (get the free tools mentioned on this page)
Instagram: @nicole.mathieson


The Beauty Load

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