FOMO Free Life

Today’s episode is all about FOMO, how to get over it, how to get over the fear of causing it and a different way of thinking about FOMO.

FOMO is the fear of missing out. It’s based on our primal need to be accepted, to feel safe, and be worthy.

Since the pandemic, things have really changed with regards to FOMO. I feel like during all of the lock downs everybody stopped getting FOMO because nobody was doing anything. And now instead of the fear of missing out, it’s almost the fear of causing FOMO that’s the bigger thing!

It’s really important that we still live our lives and we stay in our own lanes. There’s a difference between FOMO that kind of makes you feel bad about yourself and FOMO that makes you go hey, I’m going do something cool for me too.

So that’s what we are going to explore in todays episode. I’ve got an amazing little worksheet with journaling prompts PDF for you to grab as well.

In this episode

  • What does FOMO mean and what is it trying to tell us?
  • My fear of causing FOMO.
  • Why I worry I’ll never get to read all the books I want to read
  • How to know when to react to your FOMO triggers


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