Dr Hilary Claire Rowsell is a clinical psychologist and mum of 2. She works with mothers to move out of postnatal depletion and become the vibrant, calm mother they desire to be and their family deserves. 

She joins me on the podcast to talk about how to get radically clear on your values and priorities so that you can make intentional decisions, even when your brain is literally changing through the process of becoming a mother.

We go deep on understanding your feelings and emotions and what they might be telling us about our needs. A lot of mothers aren’t clear on their needs because we’ve denied them for so long. Hilary guides us to gently reconnect with what would be supportive to ourselves as mothers!


“Values are not goals. You can live a fulfilling life by living your values and not just ticking off to-do’s”

In this episode

  • Hilary’s story on becoming a vibrant mother
  • A new perspective on values rather than goals
  • Getting clear on emotions and what they might be telling us about our needs
  • Becoming more intentional with our decisions by using values as a filter
  • Understanding, accepting and honouring your needs as a human being

Find our guest online

Website: @drhilaryclaire
Instagram: @drhilaryclaire
Book: @TheMotherhoodResetBook
Quiz: @drhilaryclaire
Pinterest: @drhilaryclaire



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