Do you see yourself as the co-leader of your family? I surely didn’t at first!

Part of our cultural role as women is to play the good girl and stay quiet about our needs and expectations so we don’t upset others. And patriarchal motherhood builds on this cultural narrative in ways that harm our experience of motherhood and our family relationships.

So even in the most solid and loving relationships, it is easy to slip into patriarchal roles that leave you headed into martyr mothering. You might feel like you’ve made too much sacrifice, you’re exhausted, and resentful over how much is required of you while your own needs go unmet.

This episode aims to help you begin to unravel this dynamic and move back towards a more equitable family life.

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In this episode:

  • Shifting from passive to active communication within your family dynamic
  • My story of imaginary delegation
  • Taking your place as leader in your family
  • Moving beyond sharing the mental load to something better
  • The first steps and benefits of family meetings

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