Mental Load

Over the last 3 years or so of sharing my Slow Living Philosophy and the stories of others on similar paths, I’ve come to realise there are a few key things that make the difference for mums who wish to create a slow childhood for their kids.

The Mental Load –  or you may also have heard the term emotional labour – leaves most mothers feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated at their perceived inability to keep up with everything on their to-do list. It’s that running to-do list in our minds of everything that needs to be done, remembered and organised to keep the family running, and which never seems to quieten.

So in this series of 4 episodes, I’ll be exploring more about what the mental load is, how it affects mothers and their families, why it’s an important piece of the puzzle to sort out, how to move to a place beyond just trying to ‘share’ it and most importantly, my current strategies around managing the mental load.

In this first episode, I share about what I call my feminist awakening which came about from a friction point in my life. Friction points are those times when the status quo just isn’t working anymore but you can’t seem to make a change because you either aren’t consciously aware of what’s going on or your methods for resolving things aren’t working.

I’m so excited to share this with you because I know just how much this mindshift towards dropping the mental load has helped me to live the slow family life of my dreams. This work has allowed me to become the kind of woman and mother I always wanted to be. 

This series is sponsored by my new slow coaching offering which has an INTRODUCTORY OFFER this May – a 60min session for $60 (AUD) where we can make a solid plan for you to reduce the overwhelm of the mental load and start moving towards a slower pace of life.

In this episode:

  • What is the mental load
  • My story of carrying too much mental load and my ‘feminist awakening’
  • How the mental load is connected to slow living
  • Why reducing the mental load matters
  • The different socialisations of men and women
  • Creating a not-to-do list


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