My Mountain Moment

You can only be clear on the meaning of your life when you look back on it.

This has certainly been true for me lately. The journey of motherhood has led me on a winding self discovery journey filled with healing and love. There have been times when I didnt feel cut out for the sacrifices required. 

Slowly, I’ve come to the realization that motherhood doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. It can be a growth experience. It’s all in how you interpret it! This episode was meant to be a podcast about going on a solo overseas adventure but it turns out the backstory needed to come out.

So this is the story about a moment on a mountain. A conversation that changed everything. 

Mothers and the caring role that mothers undertake should be more valued by society. Mothers should be supported to live their lives in a way that lights us up. We have the power to change this, by changing the way we value ourselves and what we claim for our lives.

This is my mountain moment. Do you have one?

In this episode:

  • A conversation that changed my perspective on the way society values mothers 
  • The slow unfolding of my motherhood journey
  • The benefits of having my own ‘thing’
  • How the kids managed with me away
  • Introducing Mental Load May


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Rachelle x