Seasonal Living Benefits

Today’s episode is a fun one as I recorded it while sitting at the Brisbane International airport awaiting my flight to London for a solo trip! I talk about how slow living has benefited my family and my changed perception of time since acknowledging the seasons more. I also share a bit about what it feels like taking a 2 week trip on my own while leaving the kids and husband at home.

Long term family travel is a huge goal of ours as a family. So far, there have been a few hurdles and legitimate reasons why it hasn’t happened yet! Initially, we thought it would happen before the kids had started school. Then my husband’s business hit a huge growth moment due to a major government project which we couldn’t walk away from. That part has worked out to be a huge blessing as it means that when we do eventually take our trip it will be even better than we could have planned!

Of course there have also been global events that have paused our plans! We thought we might be able to step away this June for a 2 or 3 month trip but again that has been postponed due to work and family commitments.

This is a huge lesson in trusting the timing of life! 

So here I am, taking the opportunity that has arisen, to go on my own to spend time with my mastermind buddies, one of my closest friends and take a tour of some places that have been calling my heart recently. 

Something that has been magical in one sense is that there are many more people I wasn’t able to see than the ones I did catch up with! It’s helped me to see that my network is worldwide and how lucky I am to have many people across the world who I can call friends!

I also talk about slow living and how approaching it from a seasonal perspective – meaning, allowing the focus of your life to shift and change over time – can give you the ability to maintain a slower pace as a way of life rather than just something to do on Sundays.

In this episode:

  • Autumn retreat reflections, living more aligned to the changing of the seasons
  • The different meanings of ‘season’ and how to apply it to aspects of your life – for example, exercise
  • How slow and seasonal benefits our family dynamic
  • My thoughts on travelling without my kids


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