changing seasons of motherhood

Becoming a mother isn’t just a one time thing, it’s an ongoing process. Who you are and how you mother is always changing in response to the growth of your children. Just like the changing of the seasons, what our children need from us ebbs and flows.

Today’s episode is all about how to be present for the season you are in, so that you can transition from one season to the next without feeling regret. We live in an age of digital distraction and intensive mothering – so the guilt is real!

But you might just find that you’re more present for your kids than you realise and I share why not being present can be a very good thing for your kids.

As always, this episode is told from my own perspective, based on my experience and where I am in my own motherhood journey. I hope you see yourself in my story too – and know that you are not alone.

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In this episode:

  • How I’ve struggled with being present
  • The changes I’ve felt through motherhood
  • The seasons of motherhood and life – and where I’m at now
  • How I knew I was shifting seasons again
  • Some history of How To Live Slow and what’s coming up next

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Take care,

Rachelle x