As we approach a new school year, I thought it’s a good time to have a look at what home-schooling is. My guest today is Eva Van Strijp, a home-schooling mum of 6 amazing kids, sustainable low-tox business owner and hobby farmer. Eva has a wealth of knowledge and experience having home-schooled for 11 years so far and her approach is relaxed, flexible and child-led.  

Many of us in this beautiful slow living community are exploring options that are outside the norm and home-schooling is another way to do this. You might think that this lifestyle choice would be anything other than slow but listening to Eva, you will see that it’s quite the opposite.

Home-schooling is different to home learning because you’re in the drivers seat, not trying to guide your kids through curriculum outlined by the teachers at school. Just like having your own business is different to working at a 9-5 job!

This is episode 4 in a mini series I am hosting in January where we look at some alternative lifestyle options you might like to consider. Lets go beyond New Year’s resolutions and make change over the long term that benefits us.

In this episode:

  • About Eva and her home-school life with 6 kids
  • What a typical day might look like
  • The benefits and downsides
  • The personal growth that happens through this lifestyle choice
  • The practical, admin and paperwork side of home-schooling
  • Having time to yourself as a home-school parent
  • Addressing common hesitations, resistance and fears about starting a home-school 

Find Eva online:

Website: @evavanstrijp
Instagram: @eva_vanstrijp


A “starting out” blog post Eva wrote for The Organised Housewife for those who feel home-schooling would be too messy:

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