Healing Habits

Notice how the title for this episode doesn’t mention anything about weight-loss or going on a diet? That’s because my guest today Suzanne Culberg, has identified the pattern of behaviour known as over-giving that is actually the culprit for why we struggle with sticking to a ‘diet’. 

As Suzanne often says “heal your over-giving habit and the weight will largely take care of itself”.

If you identify as a people pleaser or over-giver in any way and you also struggle with emotional or comfort eating then you are in for an eye opener!

This is episode 3 in a mini series I am hosting in January where we look at some alternative lifestyle options you might like to consider. Lets go beyond New Year’s resolutions and make change over the long term that benefits us.

In this episode:

  • Suzanne’s weight-loss backstory
  • The real reason you keep re-gaining the weight
  • Why we over-give
  • Healing the habit of over-giving


“You’re both a Masterpiece and a work-in-progress”

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The Beginning is sh*t





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