Creating Your Own Slow Life Project

Finally there’s a book with psychological tools and strategies to create a slower life from the inside out! My guest today is Lana Hall, psychologist, author, and woman on a mission to empower other women to live a meaningful, authentic and joyous life with full confidence. 

Lana’s take on slow living is less about the aesthetic and all about the approach we take to bring our big visions to life in a self supporting way. Her book is an incredible resource and guides you through a really well laid out process.

If this is the year you get your mind into a slower gear, I highly recommend this episode and all of Lana’s work!

This is episode 2 in a mini series I am hosting in January where we look at some alternative lifestyle options you might like to consider. Lets go beyond New Year’s resolutions and make change over the long term that benefits us.


“motivation is spelled d-i-s-c-i-p-l-i-n-e”

In this episode:

  • About Lana and her book The Slow Life Project
  • What living a Slow Life means 
  • Ways to figure out what your values are 
  • Why it’s so important to know your values
  • Sticking to your values when things get tough. Why discipline is more important than motivation

Find Lana online:

Website: @theslowlifeproject
Instagram: @slowlifeprojectco
Facebook: @slowlifeprojectco


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