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How do you work from home without recreating work AT home? That’s what today’s episode with our guest Stacey Marie is all about.

Many of us mums find ourselves being the flexible parent  – which often means we work from home or start our own businesses to be more available for our families and create a lifestyle that suits us. If you’re the flexible parent while also being your own boss it can be an interesting dance to play with. 

Stacey has worked from home for quite a few years now and she has teenage daughters who’ve done significant stretches of home learning in amongst it all. She’s someone I look up to and vibe with as she’s really self driven and has a lot of wisdom about being very productive in the time that suits you.

This is episode 1 in a mini series I am hosting where we look at some alternative lifestyle options you might like to consider.

Lets go beyond New Year’s resolutions and make change over the long term that benefits us.

In this episode:

  • Why Stacey decided to work from home 
  • The transition from 9-5 to being your own boss
  • Being productive at home
  • Finding balance and flow so you can stay focussed but still be mum too!
  • Feeling the call to go back to a job 
  • The biggest benefit of working from home

Find Stacey online:

Website: @thesocialhubau
Instagram: @msstaceymarie_
Facebook: @thesocialhubau

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