A lot of women discover their neurodivergence only by going through the diagnosis process with their children. That was the case for my guest today, Rebecca Thompson from ADHD Assist. Rebecca was diagnosed at 48 and she’s only known she has ADHD for 2 years. She always just thought she was a bit different.

Rebecca is an open book and she shares with grace and openness about her experiences so that other mothers might not feel so alone. She has a son and two daughters – her son has been diagnosed, one of her daughters is going through the process and her second daughter may do too. Needless to say, she has a lot of experience and wisdom to share with us today!

The fun part is that Rebecca is the owner of the pilates studio I go to! When I saw her post on Facebook about a new idea she had to support women with ADHD, I immediately knew I wanted to speak to her about her experiences as I already knew what an incredible and vibrant woman she is. 

Rebecca offers a range of support options so make sure to check the links below and connect with her!

In this episode:

    1. What some of the symptoms of ADHD are for women
    2. Why women often only find out they have ADHD by going through the process with their kids
    3. The implications for quality of life and self esteem of a missed or late diagnosis
    4. Why getting a diagnosis matters, even if you are an adult!
    5. How having ADHD impacts parenting – positively and negatively
    6. What ADHD mums should know

Find Rebecca online:

Website: @adhdAssist
Instagram: @adhd_assist

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