Hannah Fenner from The Body Bluprint is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator who fell into charting her cycle while experiencing a 4-year journey with infertility. She uncovered multiple hormonal issues, and was able to advocate for her health and conceive naturally.

She’s a fierce advocate for having access to uncensored and factual information to make informed choices about our health and wellbeing. Hannah helps women all around the world get back in touch with their unique body bluprint, embrace their bodies and the wisdom of their menstrual cycles to either fastrack their time to pregnancy or avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal birth control.

One of my favourite things to do is talk to passionate women about the things that most light them up, and give them a place to talk about it! And for Hannah, that is the Fertility Awareness Method, or FAM method.

This conversation is illuminating, inspiring and hopefully informative if you are looking for some potential threads to follow in finding your most healthy self! 


“The word fertility doesn’t mean baby. It’s important for all women, at all stages of life, to be functioning hormonally the best they can for their health and wellbeing”

In This Episode:

  • Hannah’s infertility to baby story
  • Using the Fertility Awareness Method to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant
  • Understanding signs and symptoms as messages from your body, not a sign it is broken
  • What are things we can do if we’re feeling ‘hormonal’, what does that actually mean?
  • Getting started with understanding endocrine disruptors (see resources)

Apps & Databases

The apps and databases Hannah recommends for identifying endocrine disruptors are:

EWG Skindeep – database

Men and womens hormonal cycles

Hormones Cycle

Find Hannah online:

Website: @thebodybluprint
Instagram: @thebodybluprint_
Facebook: @TheBodyBluprint

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