Slow Living


My guest today is someone I’ve learned a lot about “slow living” from.

Emma is the founder of the incredibly insightful blog “Simple Slow Lovely“, she is a mum of two, lives in New Zealand and is a highly sensitive introvert who loves helping others like her find strength and joy through boundaries and self exploration. 

Emma joins me today for a chat about how she does ‘slow’, her ideas for creating a slow family dynamic and why so many of us struggle with slowing down. Surprisingly, it’s not just capitalist guilt that causes us to struggle with slowing down, but also the deeper emotional impact of our childhood experiences that can keep us on the busy train.

All that and more in this episode:…

  • How to get beyond the consumer cycle of the decluttering movement
  • How to create a family dynamic around slow
  • The benefits of slow for families
  • The reason most people find it ‘too hard’ to slow down 

Find Emma online:

Website: @simpleslowlovely
Instagram: @simpleslowlovely
Facebook: @simpleslowlovely

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