The Sweet Life


My guest today is Sarah Potter, hypno-coach at La Dolce Vita or the “Sweet Life”.

We chat about how to create a life that’s built on intention and self awareness. We discuss finding the right flow for your days and weeks, and how to give yourself permission to do things your way, even when that doesn’t match what most people might do.

Sarah shares some tools and techniques that can really transform your ability to listen to yourself. 

“nudges feel like magic, listen to them and life will be sweet”

In this episode:

    • What it means to live a sweet life
    • The concept of nudges
    • Following the nudges even when it means the end of things you love
    • How and why to enjoy the journey rather than the destination

Find Sarah online:
Website: @Ladolcevita 
Instagram: @Ladolcevitacoach 
Facebook: @Ladolcevitacoach

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