Self Love

Sam Murrell is a Mama of one young daughter living in Essex, UK. She is the founder of Mothers’ Hood, a learning and support village for mothers and is a passionate matrescence activist.  

She joins us today for a slow living, self care chat. I love sharing the stories of motherhood and how our unique life experiences and personality interplay with our children to then teach us what we most need to learn. 

We also talk about parent groups and womens circles and how each one serves a different purpose in our motherhood journey.

In this episode: 

  • Why motherhood and the matrescence journey is truly about learning to slow down
  • Learning to trust yourself and honouring where you’re at each day 
  • Importance of self care, rest and being aware of your sensitivities
  • Slow living is not a rigid framework 
  • The difference between mums groups and women’s circles and why it matters

Find Sam online:

Website: Mothers-Hood
Instagram: @Mothers.Hood

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Take care,

Rachelle x