Life Balance

Mothers are always trying to find ways to balance everything on their plate. We wear many hats and play lots of roles. We beat ourselves up when we inevitably fail at the impossible task of being everything to everyone, but what if there was a reason outside of ourselves as to why it’s hard?

My guest Kelly Thistlethwaite from Yorkshire Yogi joins me today to discuss this reason. It’s called the inner split and it’s one of the foundational concepts of matrescence. In case you are new here and not sure what matrescence is, it’s the whole person transformation we experience when we move from woman to mother.

In this episode:

  • Defining success in our roles as women and mothers
  • Factors at play that keep us out of balance
  • The power and pressure of loving our kids
  • Balancing masculine and feminine within at home and at work
  • Kellys personal experiences of becoming a mother and how it all changed when she learned about matrescence

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People Mentioned:

Dr Sophie Brock – Motherhood Studies Sociologist with a PhD

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