My guest today is Bec Ellison, who lives in Darwin in Australia’s Tropical North and is the mother of three beautiful children. She works with women as a motherhood mentor and is particularly passionate about keeping things as simple, joyful and connected as possible for families. She aims to lead by example in her parenting and life and totally acknowledges that we are all perfectly imperfect and doing the best we can.

Our chat today is all about the benefits of slow parenting and what this looks like in Bec’s own life.

“Slowing down, being mindful and creating s p a c e in life and in parenting is so important to me. It’s what allows our family to live in flow.”

In this episode

  1. Why it’s so important to create a slower life for our kids, especially in the early years
  2. The benefits for mums in slowing down too
  3. The issues with the rigged system
  4. Bec’s non-negotiables and rituals for her family
  5. Bec’s words of encouragement to families feeling the pull to simplify

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