My guest today is psychologist and hypnobirthing practitioner Rebecca Black who I invited on the show to talk about maternal rage. If you’ve felt that simmering feeling of anger like you’re on the edge, a sense of frustration and a tinge of resentment, you’re likely experiencing the completely normal feeling we lovingly call mum rage.

The problem with mum rage is that we hold this story that a “good mother” is always calm and level headed. So when we explode, it’s immediately followed by a sense of shame and failure. It’s because of the good mother stereotype that we can’t speak up about our feelings, compounding the problem.

Rebecca and I want to do our part to normalise feeling a bit ragey sometimes, because parts of motherhood are hard. So we started this conversation to share whats normal, and what might mean you need extra support – and we want to normalise seeking that support when you need it, shame free.

In this episode:

  • What Maternal Rage is
  • Why it’s so taboo, some of the signs and what it really means
  • What’s normal and when to seek help
  • Things you can do to support yourself

Where to find Rebecca online

Website and Instagram

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