This episode takes a slight detour from the usual mum life topics I talk about but I think you’ll agree that it’s related.

I worry about our future. What will life be like for our kids? Not just their mental health, job prospects or freedom of movement but also what kind of climate will they live in? Have we done enough to mitigate climate change? And what can we do now to help slow it further?

Today’s guest is Louise Tarrier, the CEO of Carbon Positive Australia.

If you’ve felt a growing sense that you can’t possibly make a difference to the climate crisis but equally feel that there is too much to be done, you need this episode.

In this episode:

  • What is Carbon Positive Australia?
  • Reforestation – the most important thing
  • Their projects, what is being done and what we can do at home
  • Finding out your carbon footprint

Visit the Carbon Positive website for more info!

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