There are some times in life that I believe slow living is more important than others. Early motherhood is one of those times. We are naturally called into the bubble of family life, the bubble is where we rest, transform and connect. A few years later, with one or multiple kids in tow, we emerge anew, ready to get back into society in a wider way.

The problem is, it rarely goes that way. Instead, early motherhood becomes the busiest time of our lives, whether we return to work or not. This is the problem of a patriarchal, capitalist culture. It doesn’t value slowing down. And so instead of emerging, we get stuck. We get resentful, exhausted and overwhelmed. We become martyrs, not matriarchs.

Let’s change that?

In this episode:

  • Why women need slow living in early motherhood
  • Postnatal depletion
  • The other risky time for postnatal depresssion
  • The transformation of motherhood

Link to Dr Oscar Serrallach’s work on Postnatal Depletion


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