Today’s guest is Ilana Kosakiewicz from Ilana K Kinesiology and we’re talking all things energy. As with all my podcast guests we go on many tangents and this one is no different! Ilana shares just some of her infinite wisdom on shifting your own energy, how to get grounded and how to interact more effectively with people who normally drain your energy.

Knowing how to protect your energy is the basis of beginning to overcome people pleasing and holding personal boundaries, without having to say anything. You can send intentional energy out that communicates a lot in this way!

This and so much more…

In this episode:

  • What kinesiology is and how it relates to energy
  • The benefits of shifting your energy
  • Energy shifting techniques
  • How to ground your energy
  • Protecting your energy when others feel intense

Find Ilana online on her website, Instagram or Facebook or listen to her podcast

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