This year I’ve been doing some personal experiments. I’ve honed in on my priorities and set long term goals in alignment with those. But I’ve also broken those goals down into individual steps that are enjoyable in their own right.

One of my core priorities is personal growth but before this is possible, I needed to change my subconscious beliefs and choose a new one: I can become better.

Years of raising my babies has left me depleted and running on empty so instead of setting myself an impossible goal of “running x distance and time” I realised I had to start with the basics. I needed to trust in myself, prove I’m not a procrastinator, overcome my perfectionism, learn to receive support and really prioritise rest, sleep and other nourishing behaviours to energise and heal my body. We then build from there.

I knew it was going to take incremental changes over a period of time.

In this episode:

  • Changing your beliefs about what’s possible
  • Setting longer term goals and breaking them down into an enjoyable process
  • Why delayed gratification feels so much better
  • Habits, priorities and sacrifices
  • Learning new skills


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Rachelle x

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