Recently I’ve been searching for some lovely things to include in our Christmas box, which is a family tradition we do on 1st December where we give the kids a little box of Christmas goodies, including an pjs, books and of course an advent calendar.

I stumbled across this gorgeous advent calendar from a company Sharing Kindness, which has kindness prompts and a sticker scene instead of chocolates. So of course, I had to invite the creator of these calendars on the podcast to chat. Her name is Tess Bell and she is kindness personified.

You are going to love her!

In this episode:

  • The Sharing Kindness philosophy
  • Affirmations to build resilience for kids
  • Scandinavian culture and the creation of the advent calendar
  • Tess’s dreams for the future

Find Tess online at the links below

Website or Instagram or Facebook

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Take care,

Rachelle x

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