Design thinking for a fulfilling life

Todays Guest is Ale Wiecek – the founder and CEO of SqrOne, an organisation centred around design thinking to help you create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

This was an incredible chat, it’s always so fun learning new strategies from people who are experts in their field. Especially when they’re as committed to helping people as Ale clearly is.

Ale shares about what design thinking is and how we can utilise the process in our lives to make incremental change. We talk about conducting life experiments, developing a growth mindset and overcoming fears to create a fulfilling – not just surface-level ‘happy’ – life.

“People get stuck in life when they haven’t trained their experimentation muscle – you’ve got to try things to bring yourself closer to a sense of accomplishment. That’s what a fulfilled life really is.”

In this episode:

  • How design thinking relates to our personal lives
  • Conducting life experiments
  • Where people get stuck with behaviour changes
  • Tools and hacks to personal growth


Find out more about Ale, Sqr One and Design Thinking at the links below.

Website. LinkedIn Instagram


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