Today I have Hayley from Mummy Matcher, a service that connects women whose motherhood experience has been thrown in an unexpected curveball. Hayley created Mummy Matcher after her youngest daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder known as 2q13 Microdeletion and she experienced suffocating loneliness. She spent most of her career working with women during some of the most vulnerable and traumatic experiences of their life. From providing one on one support to victims of crime including rape and sexual assault to coordinating a state-wide domestic violence program that worked to reduce the risk of homelessness for women and children. This episode is going to be uplifting, a bit of a tear-jerker and there are lots of laughs as well.

In this episode:

  • Who’s Hayley and what is the Mummy Matcher
  • The loneliness side
  • What she wants other mums to know about being able to speak and communicate
  • Connections Hayley made for other mums and the difference it made
  • 3 ways Mummy Matcher can help

You can get the book Special by Melanie Dimmitt here. And explore the Kindness project, 21 GIFTS here.

Find Hayley from Mummy Matcher at the Mummy Matcher Village, Mummy Matcher Facebook page, Mummy Matcher Instagram, or Mummy Matcher website.

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