Slow postpartum podcast


Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Jojo Hogan from Slow Postpartum. Jojo is a leading postpartum maternal care specialist, consultant, and the founder of Slow Postpartum, a movement that works to educate and empower society to the importance of slowing down and honouring the postpartum sacred window and caring for mothers and babies worldwide.

Slow postpartum is something I truly believe, it’s a big part of slow living; it sets the mother and the baby up for a very connected relationship. Enjoy this episode, getting to know Jojo and her infinite wisdom regarding slow living, motherhood, maternal care, and looking after babies and so much more.

In this episode:

  • About Slow Postpartum
  • The difference between slow postpartum and what most mothers generally experience
  • Brain change in women
  • Integrating traditional cultures for new mums
  • 24/7 parenting
  • Being on a budget when having newborns – spending resources wisely
  • Sleep training the newborns
  • Giving time for body to heal; rest and enjoy the time with few responsibilities

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