Today I am sharing a new guest with you and it’s all part of a new series called motherhood or slow living across the world. I’m excited for you to meet Ava. She runs a community that empowers women to feel more peaceful and joyful in motherhood. She has a toddler, an advocate of mindful and respectful parenting. She’s a certified coach and circle of security parenting facilitator. She works with parents who are committed to raising humans who are securely attached and have strong social-emotional skills.


In this episode:

  • Ava and her family amidst covid
  • Being a mom in Singapore
  • Ava’s take on taking babies’ classes
  • Finding the courage to go against the norm
  • The circle of security
  • Ava’s philosophies
  • Being more intentional
  • Effect of parents’ overwork to level of children’s happiness in Singapore
  • Curiosity


Ava’s Instagram

Ava’s Website