Slow Productivity

Dr Kate Henry is a productivity coach for academics and scholars who live with chronic pain and illness. She helps her clients find the magic intersection between slow living and getting things done. So imagine my thrill when Kate sent me a message and we began exploring the idea of doing a podcast episode together!

I’d just finished Kate’s book “Tend To It” before we spoke. The book is the right amount of gentle self awareness, self compassion and actual structure for getting things done when you have big goals and a full life. She has lots of strategies for working with your unique brain too. I highly recommend it!

Our conversation gets right to the heart of the idea of Slow Productivity. Take a look at the venn diagram further down to see what we are talking about. There’s also a list of the books Kate mentioned – I immediately devoured “How To Keep House While Drowning” and it has totally changed my approach to housework.

In this episode:

  • A summary of Spoon Theory
  • What it means to Tend To It
  • Workaholism and boundaries: – Kates goldilocks theory of productivity
  • How to deal with aversive tasks – the things that you just don’t want to do
  • Harnessing your personal resources and managing the invisible labour in your personal life
  • That magic venn diagram that intersects slow living and productivity

The Venn Diagram of dreams

Venn Diagram


  How to keep house while drowningprocrastination puzzle

laziness does not exist  The Must Do Method

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