Looking Up

Sarah Alex Carter had a physical, emotional and mental breakdown and it led her on an upward journey. In her words “I allowed others to shape me, the noise of their opinions, the frenetic pace of achievement oriented society” all based around the word ‘ought’. Until it stopped working and she broke.

Sarah’s story led her to become the author of a fantastic book called Upward; “The Power of Looking Up”. Sarah’s book is so wide ranging in its narrative as she shares the incredible stories and experiences of the people she met on her journey to looking up, out and beyond herself.

I thought this was a book about looking on the bright side but it is so much more. The metaphors don’t end there and as I got to the end of the book, I realised it’s about looking not just up, but also beyond ourselves and into the wider world.

At some point it’s time to stop looking only at ourselves and trying to ‘heal’ and figure out what we can do as part of the whole, to fix the system that breaks us. While simultaneously there are small ways we can make big changes in our own inner worlds.


“My dreams don’t have to bring me fame or fortune to be worthy.”

In this episode:

  • What does it mean to you to look up?
  • The power of metaphors and all the ways we can look up, out and around us
  • The benefits of an upward focussed life
  • What Swifts, declining insect populations and street lights can teach us about how everything is connected
  • Looking beyond ourselves, lifting our heads and seeing things in a different way.


Power of Looking Up

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