Two children dressed in Christmas clothes creating family rituals on on Christmas day

Plus, I’m convinced that the more eye-rolls I get, the more my family secretly LOVE it! That’s what makes rituals so special. They’re identity makers. Kids feel safe and like they belong to something when we repeat these moments frequently, and with love, no matter how lame they might think we are!

Plus, I feel like I’m showing up as the kind of mum I want to be when I create the time in our calendar to commit to our favourite Christmas traditions.

It’s these moments that make the festive season so special – and I’ve come to realise that it’s the lack of rituals at other times of the year that can make daily life feel like boring old groundhog day.

No one wants to live in the daily grind. And the festive season is a break from all that.

So I’ve started ritualising our daily routines and it’s worked a treat! Instead of feeling resentful towards the morning rush or dreading the never-ending bedtime routine, these are now the most beautiful parts of our day. They’re a chance to connect with each other. And I feel like I’m showing up as the kind of mum I want to be.

I want that feeling for you too!

So I’ve put together a 5-day video series to help you turn your daily routines into rituals that will become cherished childhood memories. Each video is less than 10 minutes long and it’s all on email so it’s nice and easy to access!

Here’s what’s covered on each day

Day 1. The benefits of rituals

Day 2. The 4 key elements of a ritual

Day 3. Turn your routines into rituals

Day 4. Conversation prompts for your family rituals

Day 5. Where you might get stuck and what to do about it

I love the festive season because it gives me a chance to break out of the ordinary routine, go to the extra effort and enjoy some well-loved family rituals and traditions.

It can be big things like visiting our favourite light displays or hosting a board game night or the little moments like drinking hot chocolate out of a Christmas mug or watching Home Alone (again!). I just love a chance to seal in some magical childhood memories!

It’s not the gifts under the tree that do it for me. It’s taking the time to curate these opportunities for memory-making moments to happen. Sometimes I have to insist that my family participates in certain activities but with every year that passes, I get fewer objections.