Slow living is not really the end goal. Its the thing we do to keep us on track with what we want to achieve. Its a conduit to the life we want that helps us stop being so distracted by all the other options, of which there are many.


Treat your family like a business and you’re the CEO. All businesses have a focus. One thing they are good at. 


When you’re clear on where you’re headed its easier to stay on track. It’s easier to do less, to say no, to do more of whats important. Its easier to stop rushing. 




Family is not the real value. Its the should value..I challenge you to go deeper.


Because OF COURSE our family is our top priority.


What does that mean for you though?

But what do imagine your family life to be like? 

Where are you getting frustrated. Where are you waiting for ‘one day’ for that family dynamic you desire to magically appear?


What do you really want from family life? What do the other people in your family want? 


Does your value match their value? (Values as they relate to family are often linked to love languages)


When you aren’t aligned with each other, a friction point is created. And we get further away from each other.


So days out together don’t land how you want. 

Your attempts to slow down don’t stick.

You crave a collaborative home life where everyone contributes but it feels like you’re the only one who does any housework.

You want to create a cosy, creatively inspiring home but the kids just want to watch TV all the time. 



In this free lesson you’ll 


  • discover (or reconnect with) what your real desires for your family are.
  • Create a road map for slowing down


$20 AUD

Burn Out Coach for busy mamas - How to Live Slow with Rachelle Glendon

Hi, I’m Rachelle!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m a slow living advocate for mothers who want to find more balance and less overwhelm in daily life.

It’s always us mums who bend and flex for our families needs – whether it’s changing our work schedule to suit the family’s needs, choosing to ‘stay home’ full time, running around after everyone or carrying the mental load of keeping everything running.

So I’ve made it my business to support mums just like you to design a life that supports you to be the mum you desire to be and start living slower in the process!

It’s SO nice to connect! By the way, rest looks good on you 🙂



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