Autumn is my favourite season!

It’s a time to reap the rewards of all that outward energy and reflect on the ending of another growth phase in the seasonal cycle. The weather is changing, natures colours are more vibrant and I can feel a really calming sense wash over me.

It wasn’t always this way.

When I was running myself ragged, chasing other people’s dreams and ignoring my own natural rhythms, Autumn typically left me with a sense of frustration and procrastination, and a wild feeling that I wanted to throw everything away and start over.

How do you feel about Autumn?

For some of us there’s a sense of agitation, like we missed our opportunity to create or reach a goal.

Others feel called to declutter and make big changes before Winter comes and it’s time to slow down.

And for a lucky few, there’s a sense of celebration and achievement for the growth and connection that occurred throughout the cycle.

However you feel about Autumn, I’d love to invite you to join me on a beautiful seasonal retreat.

More Info – It’s FREE!

We’ll meet for 2 hours via Zoom – 730pm 15th March 2022

The first 90mins will be recorded for those who can’t make it

If you attend the call live you’ll have the option to stay for a bonus 30mins for Q&A and sharing time

You just need to register your name and email so I can send you the zoom link, your beautiful retreat workbook and all the info you’ll need to make this an in-home retreat experience you’ll float away from!



What You Can Expect 

Autumn is a time for celebrating and reflecting so this retreat will include;

🍂 My seasonal living philosophy to help you start living and working with your own natural rhythms

🍂 A guided visualisation

🍂 A journalling experience to review and reflect, designed to help you reassess what’s working and what needs to change

🍂 Self-care and rest suggestions to help you celebrate this unique phase in your own energetic seasons

🍂🍂🍂 PLUS – You’ll leave with a soft and delicious mellowing of your energy, floating into a restorative nights sleep, ready for all the gifts Autumn has to offer.


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Burn Out Coach for busy mamas - How to Live Slow with Rachelle Glendon

Hi, I’m Rachelle!  If we haven’t met yet, I’m a slow living advocate for gentle mothers who want to find more self leadership and less overwhelm in daily life.

It’s always us mums who bend and flex for our families needs – whether it’s changing our work schedule to suit the family’s needs, choosing to ‘stay home’ full time, or carrying the mental load of keeping everything running.

So I’ve made it my business to support mums just like you to be the mum you desire to be and start living slower in the process!

It’s SO nice to connect! By the way, rest looks good on you 🙂


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