Slow down mama before you burn out. I’m by your side ready to coach you to an intentional life.

When you become a mother your world can feel like it’s been turned upside down seemingly overnight. Your newborn’s needs become the priority and our own self-care can suffer.  

Have you ever felt like this?


Are you craving a slower life to stop and smell the roses?


You’re overwhelmed by everything you have to do


You just want to spend the weekend hanging with your kids


You dread Sunday night


You feel out of control if you miss something on your to-do list


You’re just tired from having to remember absolutely everything.

You’re not alone.

Most of us feel riddled with mum guilt and are full of negative self talk about not achieving everything we set out to at some point in our motherhood journey.

I’m no different. I’ve been there and it wasn’t until I was on the brink of burn out that I discovered slow living and my whole world changed.

It’s time to Embrace the -ish!

Done-ish, Clean-ish, Healthy-ish.

Before kids came along, I got two degrees in Business, was practising as a qualified life coach, and helping my husband run his business.

I thought I had things all figured out.

But when we started our family, I felt lost, I was in completely unfamiliar territory. Life got busier, but my world got smaller as I began to finally realise what makes life feel fulfilling and intentional.

I created How to Live Slow to talk about my family’s slow living journey.

I also wanted to create an antidote to the increased overwhelm and stress that comes from being a modern mum.

Creating a version of slow living that’s achievable for mamas

Slow living and minimalism can seem a bit inaccessible to the average mum, even a bit overwhelming. So I’m sharing a version of slow living that’s accessible. Where you can start to work towards finding more balance, more work-life flow, more time to enjoy your life, and to capture those special memories and moments with your family. 

I’ve been studying slow living and implementing different things in my life since 2011. I’m proud to be of service to you and provide inspiration and ideas for you to create an intentionally slower family life for yourself. 

How to get started with slow living essentials

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